heat a copper wire and its electric resistance This recommendation is made because, resistance of a wire varies directly with length, inversely Fantastic 7 Heat A Copper Wire, Its Electric Resistance Collections

Fantastic 7 Heat A Copper Wire, Its Electric Resistance Collections

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Fantastic Heat A Copper Wire, Its Electric Resistance Collections - 17 111. Wherein of the circuits represented underneath will the resistor consume the maximum electric electricity? 117. The identical potential distinction is applied to 2 lamps, a and b. The resistance of lamp a is two times the resistance of lamp b. In comparison to the power advanced by lamp b, the power developed by using lamp a is much less the same extra 118. Even as running at one hundred twenty volts, an electric toaster has a resistance of 15 ohms. The power used by the toaster is 8.Zero w 960 w one hundred twenty w 1,800 w 112. An air conditioner is designed to perform at 110 volts and is rated at 2,400 watts. Is it possible to use the air conditioner in a circuit which has a 15-ampere circuit breaker (or fuse) on a a hundred and ten-volt line? Sure, because the contemporary wished is less than 15 amperes. No, due to the fact the voltage required is just too high. Sure, due to the fact the voltage is lower than that wanted. No, because the present day needed is more than 15 amperes because the potential distinction across a given resistor is extended, the power expended in moving price through the resistor decreases remains the identical increases 119. As the resistance of a lamp operating at a consistent voltage will increase, the energy dissipated via the lamp decreases stays the identical increases a hundred and twenty. As the resistance of a regular-voltage circuit is expanded, the strength evolved in the circuit decreases stays the equal will increase 121. The heating detail on an electric powered stove dissipates watts of energy whilst connected to a 120-volt source. What's the electric resistance of this heating element? ? three.3 ω zero.60 ω 36 ω 122. The potential difference carried out to a circuit element stays consistent as the resistance of the element is numerous. Which graph excellent represents the relationship among strength (p) and resistance (r) of this element? 114. One watt is equal to 1 n m j s n/m j/s one hundred fifteen. A light bulb is in series with a rheostat variable resistor and a hard and fast voltage is applied throughout the whole circuit. As the resistance of the rheostat decreases, the brightness of the bulb decreases stays the same increases 116. The potential difference throughout a one hundred.-Ohm resistor is four.0 volts. What is the energy dissipated inside the resistor? Zero.Sixteen w w 25 w four.0 w.