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Most 16 Telecaster 3, Switch Wiring Series Solutions

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Most Telecaster 3, Switch Wiring Series Solutions - I've a seymour duncan that has a n1 sticky label on the lowest, it has staggered pole portions at the top and rails on the lowest of the pickup. It has three conductors white, purple, naked and the naked cord is soldered to the rails on the bottom. I examined it and the red is hot and the white is neg. Does everybody know what pickup this is and the way is this stressed out in a four way transfer placing? So does this make the white wire a coil tap? Or is it just every other ground or each?.

I simply did the 4-manner mod in a telecaster for a pal. It certainly delivered to the sonic functionality of the tele, and now you can get classic malcom younger tones out of the guitar!.

There’s a alternate-off, even though: you don’t have a regular tone manage. So this is probably no longer an amazing choice for players who like using their tone knobs for wah-kind sounds. But if you don’t use your tone knob a lot, or just use it to take off a touch pinnacle cease when you’re inside the bridge function, you could locate you get everything you want from the blended settings.

I am doing this mod now and have a double hummbucker on the bridge and an s1 transfer in the volume pot, my tech could not seem to get the wiring proper, i hope this allows my tech with this problem. With this wiring, role 1 is the bridge pickup, role 2 is the neck pickup, and role 3 is a dark neck pickup tone with all the treble rolled off. That role three sound is simply too darkish for loads of players, though a few men like it for playing jazz or faking bass lines. However the coolest thing is, when you’re in position 1, the tone knob acts as a mix switch, and you could mix in as much or as little of the neck pickup as you like. There are some truely first-rate blends in there that you could’t get with the usual wiring scheme.