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Most 9 Tec 3000 Thermostat Wiring Diagram Photos

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Tec 3000 Thermostat Wiring Diagram - Wire coloration, typicalletter designationpurpose apower gift here whilst any heating or cooling is operating inside the hvac device. Aux/e, w2operates 2nd heating degree, or while controlling a warmth pump, the emergency warmness level. Bluebactivates the changeover to warmth relay / valves in hvac structures. Brown, blue, pink, black. C24 volts ac. The commonplace lead of the transformer. All furnace switched components have one aspect in their strength connected to this lead. Browneactivates emergency heat relay greengoperates the inner fan kmay prompt emergency heat relay in a few installations. Also used between a thermostat and honeywell cord savers. Lheat pump reveal light. Might also turn on while emergency heat is running. Orangeoactivates the changeover to chill relay / valves in hvac structures. O/b, w, w1operates first heating stage. For heat pumps, turns on the compressor in warmness mode. Pdefrost operation in development lamp; comes on while either the hvac compressor outside has switched into defrost mode. Redr24 volts ac ???? Redrc24 volts ac deliver to cooling relay in hvac system. Redrh24 volts ac supply to heating relay in hvac device. Whitew1, w, o/boperates first heating degree. For warmth pumps, activates the compressor in warmness mode. W2 - aux/eoperates 2nd heating stage, or whilst controlling a heat pump, the emergency heat stage. Xmalfunction alert lamp. Voltage present when the hvac gadget detects a hassle in its components. Yellowy1, yoperates first stage compressor cooling. Y2operates second cooling level. Y, y1operates first degree compressor cooling. S1, s2outdoor temperature sensor (s) wires. So once more, if installing a brand new t-tat, do now not depend upon the cord shades by myself!? repeating: do no longer rely on the wall cord colors by myself to locate genuine wire characteristic.? instead, take a photograph or write down which lug on the antique t-stat that every wire is going with.? for every cord, jot down its shade.? plus, write the letter of the terminal at the vintage t-stat that it connects with.? if the best wire functions are nevertheless now not clean, then hint the wires.? you want to song the wires back to the hvac unit itself.? then, find out which components the diverse colorings of wires connect to.