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Perfect 11 Pendant Light Wire, Long Ideas

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Pendant Light Wire, Long - Has all and sundry tried this on an adjustable basis? I'm seeking out a way to have the pendant be diminished to complete period while the dining table is in vicinity, and be swagged to the better level when the desk is moved.

Thanks (and thanks to google for finding this post)! I've been wrestling with this quandary and haven't accomplished some thing approximately it because i didn't need to loop the twine across the traditional swag hooks.

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Hi. I would like to swag my pendant as nicely, however my apartment board does no longer allow drilling into the concrete ceiling. Can you propose an alternative to installing a hook in the ceiling without drilling into the ceiling? Thank you.

Thank you for the statistics. I just used this approach to grasp a pendant lamp. Those metal loops are known as cable thimbles. They may be used in rigging and may be found in industrial or rigging deliver places. I discovered mine at the bulk hardware section of my neighborhood ace hardware shop. Hello darrin, you should make clear with your constructing incredible or constructing manager what the exactly the drilling regulations are relating to. What you want to do is screw a hook into the ceiling, drilling a pilot hollow the dimensions of a completing nail, so that you can set up a small cup hook, something without difficulty removable at any time and fillable with a dab of nail filler. (In this activity we didn't even drill in a lot deeper than 1/4"). Attaching a bracket or hook to a ceiling with a screw isn't the equal element as "middle drilling" or trenching a concrete ceiling. Center drilling is not allowed in condos, that is while a hole is bored into the concrete from one aspect to the other, trenching or chaneling out huge sections of the concrete to house conduit or plumbing pipes is not allowed either as any of those actions would compromise the slab structure. Its now not unusual to should install drapery mounting hardware or tracks for track lighting at the ceiling of a condo, requiring you to screw(s) into the ceiling. I've in my opinion never stumble upon a condo bldg that constrained this (and the way would they manipulate it?) But i think its viable. I'd make clear this with them first. ~ C.