defrost termination switch wiring Evaporator with a Blown Defrost Termination Switch Best 10 Defrost Termination Switch Wiring Images

Best 10 Defrost Termination Switch Wiring Images

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Best 10 Defrost Termination Switch Wiring Images - 39 defrost clock and heaters defrost is “time initiated” the clock movement pushes the slide bar on the rear of the clock. The slide modifications the switch contact positions from freeze to defrost external warmness sort of defrost is typically performed via the usage of manufacturing unit-established electric powered warmers embedded inside the fins of the evaporator. The external heat approach is typically not as efficient because the internal warmness technique. But, it's far the only practical method when the condensing unit is some distance from the evaporator. If we attempted to use hot fuel defrost the long piping run might cool the hot gasoline, likely condensing it to a liquid. This would bring about longer defrost times and viable compressor harm because of floodback. Sure, despite a suction line accumulator, there is a danger of floodback to a compressor if we send an excessive amount of liquid back thru the suction line. The subsequent is an outline of the fundamental collection of events throughout a the electrical external heat form of defrost: each the compressor and the evaporator fan prevent while the timer initiates defrost. The electric defrost warmers and pan warmers are energized. The time clock will transfer lower back into the freeze cycle while the defrost termination manage senses the coil has warmed sufficiently to melt all the frost. If there is a problem with the defrost termination switch a timed fail-secure transfer will switch the clock returned into freeze. The compressor will start the evaporator fan will now not come on (behind schedule) until the evaporator temperature has dropped to underneath freezing. This prevents droplets of water and heat from the heaters from being blown out into the box. Consult with the following example of the defrost cycle for a greater entire description. ? 2005 refrigeration education services - e3#2 relays, refrigeration controls and timers v1.0.

42 three 4 3 4 x x n n 1 2 r energized solenoid movements slide go back to freeze cycle defrost solenoid energized solenoid movements slide clock motor evap cools, fan begins 3 four evap fan defrost termination fan put off three four x x brn defrost warmers r 1-three open 1-three closed 2-four open 2-4 closed n n blk 1 operation of a freezer the use of the paragon model defrost clock. Freezing mode: contacts #2 and #4 close, sending energy to #four at the evaporator. This energizes the purple twine to the freezer thermostat, to the evaporator fan, and to the drain line heater. Word: the evaporator fan remains off after defrost due to the fact the dtfd contacts are open among r and black. They may close while the evaporator cools down to twenty-five°. Via delaying the fan until any droplets of water are refrozen to the evaporator, we prevent the nice and cozy defrost air from blowing water into the freezer. One indication of a terrible fan put off could be icicles on the ceiling and ice at the fan blades. 2 thermostat solenoid valve line voltage to clock drain line heater © 2005 refrigeration training offerings - e3#2 relays, refrigeration controls and timers v1.0.