26 gauge anarchist wire Anarchist Competition Wire 15ft, Mechanical Mods, Select Vape Best 13 26 Gauge Anarchist Wire Ideas

Best 13 26 Gauge Anarchist Wire Ideas

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Anarchist Competition Wire 15Ft, Mechanical Mods, Select Vape - I love everything about this stuff it heats up and cools down very speedy also if you want to do a reflected build by sharpening and moist sanding this is the cord you need it so reflective you may see your self after sharpening it.

I love this cord. Love that your rep had no problem pronouncing what the twine was. Tons respect for that. Great to understand what your vaping. Of direction he didnt spill all the beans and i dont count on everyone to. Im very inspired with it we inventory warm wires in our store but being that its a large ache within the ass to get mad rabbit could be filling that stock. Not to mention we were given a stellar deal on 25 packs. Thanks mad rabbit your boys on the syracuse show have been wonderful. Even though under the influence of alcohol they were still pretty cool lol!.

22 gauge 5 wrap twin parallel sleeper construct gives me a regular .1 – .09 construct that i genuinely love. This twine is the pleasant performing wire i’ve had the satisfaction of the usage of. The way it heats and cools is better than your typical top class nichrome. Truly seems to closing. I definitely appreciate the subtleness of the taste. That is the satisfactory twine for cloudy, tasty hits. It’s really worth the money. Hands down some of the great wire i’ve ever used. I started out dripping with not anything however kanthal and feature constantly wanted a better cord to use. Mad rabbit offers now not only a hotter low resistance wire with a faster ramp time however also a softer less difficult to use wire without sacrificing flavor. I run a fb web page with almost one thousand individuals many of which also would swear through mad rabbit cord and mad rabbit n90 twine. I construct coils on a day by day basis either for myself or others that want the help. If i've it always attain for mad rabbit cord to do my builds with and also to expose others in my institution and around me just how accurate this cord in reality is. Terrific job men.. @Proud_to_be_a_lion.