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Brilliant 12 Extra Wire, Electric, Fence Images

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Brilliant 12 Extra Wire, Electric, Fence Images - Well suited with other collars:   the petsafe cussed dog transmitter is like minded with other petsafe canine fence receiver collars, so this is a appropriate system for a multidog family in which only one dog desires the stubborn canine collar. The petsafe elite little dog and petsafe deluxe ultralight receiver collars are also fully compatible with the stubborn dog system.?.

Compatible with petsafe indoor zones:  the cussed dog collar blanketed on this package is well matched with the petsafe indoor radio fence (pirf-one hundred), which allows you to create canine-unfastened regions internal your own home using the identical boundary system and collar as your cussed dog fence. These exclusion zones are most frequently used to limit your pet's access to certain areas of the residence or hold them off of furnishings.?.

Huge, cumbersome collar:  the stubborn canine collar is ready the biggest collar in the marketplace, and one of the heaviest too. Even without the stronger correction tiers, it nonetheless would not be appropriate for dogs below 20 lbs.?.

The following collars are all well suited with this petsafe in-floor fence system: • petsafe rechargeable collar (pig00-13737) • petsafe deluxe ultralight collar (pul-275) • petsafe cussed canine collar (prf-275-19) • petsafe elite little canine collar (pig00-10778) • petsafe cat collar (pcf-275-19) • sportdog fence collar (sdf-r).

Outside surge protection:  outside surge protection is the exceptional issue you may do to defend your investment. As opposed to permit a rogue energy surge blow your transmitter, truly plug in our heavy responsibility pro-grade surge safety module. This surge protector keeps your dog fence secure from lightening moves and main power surges.?  .

5 individually adjustable correction levels:  the cussed dog collars can help you set the correction degree for every collar at the gadget independently. This makes the device suitable for multidog families in which every canine has one of a kind correction strength needs. Even the lowest correction levels at the stubborn dog collar are pretty robust and now not encouraged for smaller puppies or any canine with higher sensitivity to stimulation. Over-correction can crush the canine and undermine the schooling manner.?.