14 gauge nichrome wire TEMCo Nichrome 60 series wire 33 Gauge, Ft Resistance, ga, Amazon.com Top 20 14 Gauge Nichrome Wire Galleries

Top 20 14 Gauge Nichrome Wire Galleries

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TEMCo Nichrome 60 Series Wire 33 Gauge, Ft Resistance, Ga, Amazon.Com - Super article; that's a perennial question! I found out now not to reduce the cord; it's very hard on pliers. I snatch one aspect of the wire firmly with flat pliers (relies upon on what i'm making, whether or not i clutch from the coil or the paintings facet) and bend backward and forward until my finding-piece releases. I fire to cone 6-7 and tried the use of 15 gauge nichrome twine, after the first firing, it sagged absolutely badly. Now i exploit kanthal a-1 16 gauge and had been the use of the equal twine again and again and not using a troubles. It's fantastic stuff! I get it on ebay.

Thanks yoli for sharing your experience with high temp cord. Seems like that 15 gauge is a superb concept. I imagine pretty a few people might be looking into that. So first rate which you posted and helped us all do a better task. After i want to reduce the nichrome or kanthal wire, i discover that the use of "reminiscence twine" cutters makes it almost like reducing butter with a room temp knife. Now not best, but so much simpler! Also, the comment about putting the heavier pieces close to the edges - should be taken as by the rims of the kiln furniture or bead tree - not the edges - or as an alternative ends of the twine, due to the fact that might simply sag. I suspend all my pendants from hooks made from 17ga cord from the standard rods that come with the roselli bead timber. Perhaps i should add some pics of my cone 6 kiln firings using bead bushes to my glaze submit this month? Search for snap shots on may also 20th right here on the boc blog :).

Marsha, thank you for adding to this discussion. Reminiscence wire cutters, what a exquisite concept. Thanks for clarifying approximately the edges, of path i knew what you supposed but i'm able to see it can be puzzling. I assume we'd all be pleased to have you include images of your cone 6 kiln firings the use of bead trees to your glaze post this month. Thanks a lot for taking into account it.