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Perfect 12 Ethicon 26 Gauge Wire Solutions

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Perfect 12 Ethicon 26 Gauge Wire Solutions - 11 kinds popular facts taper point needle for tender, effortlessly penetrated tissues. Ethiguard* blunt factor needle taper body. For blunt dissection and suturing friable tissue. Precision factor needle for delicate plastic or cosmetic surgical operation. Slicing tip electropolished for brought sharpness. Conventional slicing needle two opposing slicing edges, with a 3rd on inner curve. Trade in pass-section from a triangle reducing tip to a flattened body. Precision cosmetic-traditional cutting prime needle for sensitive plastic or cosmetic surgical treatment. Conventional slicing tip and prime geometry for extended sharpness. Opposite slicing needle cutting area on outer curve. For tough, difficult-to-penetrate tissues. Micro-factor* surgical needle (spatula) skinny, flat profile. Especially designed for ophthalmic anterior section surgery. Tapercut* needle reducing tip, taper frame. For hard tissue, like two needles in a single. Conventional spatula needle visibility of the factor at bottom gives manage of depth penetration. Last updated - dec/01/2015 ethicon us, llc 2015 *trademark web page 8.

77 sutures : absorbable / pds plus suture needle cloth duration ct 40mm 27" 70cm pdp352h three pdp353h three 36" 90cm pdp358t pdp359t 6 pdp357h 3 needle fabric length ct-1 36mm 27" 70cm pdp340h 3 pdp341h three pdp339h pdp338h 36" 90cm pdp346h pdp347h three 27" 70cm pdp259h pdp258h needle material period ct-2 26mm 27" 70cm pdp334h 3 pdp333h 3 pdp332h three needle material duration zero 1 ctx 48mm 36" 90cm pdp370t 6 pdp371t 6 60" 150cm pdp990g needle fabric period rb-1 17mm 27" 70cm pdp305h 3 pdp304h three pdp303h 3 last updated - dec/01/2015 ethicon us, llc 2015 *trademark page 74.

63 sutures : absorbable / coated vicryl plus suture needle material length sh 26mm eight-18" 45cm vcp775d vcp775z vcp774d vcp774z vcp773d vcp773z 27" 70cm vcp317h vcp317w vcp316h 3 vcp316w vcp315h 8-27" 70cm vcp785d vcp784d 8-18" 45cm vcp864d 27" 70cm vcp418h vcp417h vcp416h vcp415h needle material duration 3-zero sh 26mm sh 36" 90cm vcp527h needle cloth period sh-1 22mm eight-18" 45cm vcp772d vcp772z vcp771d vcp771z 27" 70cm vcp311h vcp311w vcp310h vcp310w 27" 70cm vcp219h vcp218h needle fabric period tf 13mm eight-18" 45cm vcp743d vcp743z 27" 70cm vcp434h vcp433h closing up to date - dec/01/2015 ethicon us, llc 2015 *trademark web page 60.