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Question: chad, from louisville, kentucky asks: i lately hooked up a new electric outlet on a kitchen wall that formerly had none. I basically ran the new cord right down to our basement and tapped into an existing field that is running two additional shops. I flipped the electricity on, plugged inside the toaster oven and microwave and the clocks on both electricity up. However, once i run either of the 2 appliances, they generally tend to paintings for about 1-2 mins after which forestall. It doesn't ride the breaker, however the outlet truely quits operating. Without doing some thing, the opening will flip itself back on after approximately 10 mins or so (i understand this as the clocks at the home equipment energy again up). I attempted replacing the outlet with a gfi outlet and the equal factor takes place simplest this time it does ride the gfi. Ought to it be the truth that i have plugged in two home equipment that surge that is causing this to appear? Why might they work for a piece and then prevent but then paintings again? I am very confused. Thank you. Chad.

Answer: take into account that the present circuit score ought to be recognized. Check to look if the hot bathtub calls for it is own committed circuit. Sharing a circuit with a warm bath may want to cause nuisance tripping of a gfci outlet if the circuit is loaded as much as capacity. The recent bath may be tested for possible inconsistencies, and it could assist to search for feedback approximately the reliability of the unit as nicely. Dave.

Solution: yes dan, it's essentially the same wiring as proven besides that you are wiring the load aspect out to all of your stores and they'll be related via making jumper wires or tails from each set to 1 connection for the weight set of wires.