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Perfect 7 Wire Hook Pendant Light Images

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Perfect 7 Wire Hook Pendant Light Images - Hello arlene - so glad this changed into helpful to you! Ah,,,the ones handyman,,,,always a chunk skeptical with new techniques and gotta maintain a watch on them with regards to the aesthetics,,,,however they come 'round. ; ) ~ C.

Hi keith! No its wasn't hard at all - the ceilings had been concrete, a pilot hole become drilled first after which the plug changed into lightly tapped in with a hammer, and the cup hook screwed in by using hand. Its been pretty a long term but i bear in mind in many other places within the condominium where we needed to drill into concrete (for striking picture frames or wall cabinets) we ended up slicing the plugs with a application knife first so they weren't as lengthy (i'm able to't bear in mind if we had to try this for the pendant or now not). Additionally i consider the precise drill bits for concrete had been used. So this could help in your scenario. Top success with it! ~ C.

Hello. I would like to swag my pendant as well, but my condo board does now not allow drilling into the concrete ceiling. Are you able to endorse an opportunity to installing a hook within the ceiling without drilling into the ceiling? Thank you.

Hello darrin, you must clarify together with your building incredible or constructing manager what the precisely the drilling restrictions are regarding. What you need to do is screw a hook into the ceiling, drilling a pilot hollow the scale of a completing nail, so that you can set up a small cup hook, some thing without problems detachable at any time and fillable with a dab of nail filler. (On this process we didn't even drill in tons deeper than 1/four"). Attaching a bracket or hook to a ceiling with a screw isn't the same thing as "middle drilling" or trenching a concrete ceiling. Core drilling isn't allowed in condos, that is while a hole is bored into the concrete from one aspect to the alternative, trenching or chaneling out large sections of the concrete to accommodate conduit or plumbing pipes isn't allowed either as any of those movements could compromise the slab shape. Its not unusual to ought to installation drapery mounting hardware or tracks for music lighting at the ceiling of a apartment, requiring you to screw(s) into the ceiling. I've in my view in no way come across a rental bldg that limited this (and how could they manipulate it?) However i think its feasible. I might make clear this with them first. ~ C.