edwards doorbell wiring diagram Multi Voltage Transformer Wiring Diagram Simple Wiring Diagram, Transformer Edwards Doorbell Wiring Diagram Most Multi Voltage Transformer Wiring Diagram Simple Wiring Diagram, Transformer Pictures

Edwards Doorbell Wiring Diagram Most Multi Voltage Transformer Wiring Diagram Simple Wiring Diagram, Transformer Pictures

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Edwards Doorbell Wiring Diagram - A bracket of considerably u-form in vertical pass phase, as indicated at 28, is secured to the bottom 12 by suitable lugs, as at 30, and has a pair of apertures therethrough for receiving the spindle 32 about which there may be disposed a solenoid coil 34. Carried by means of the bracket is a touch plate 36 held in region through suitable tabs as at 38 and forty.

United i states patent nine repeater door chimes carl g. Rinker, swainsboro, ga., Assignon through mesne assignments, to the philip carey manufacturing organization, cincinnati, ohio, a agency of ohio filed aug. 1, 1957, ser. No. 675,616 3 claims. (31. 340-392) this invention relates to door chimes, and more particularly to a repeater chime adapted to announce a caller at both of two entrances together with the the front or back door of a residence with the aid of completely one-of-a-kind sounds, as a result clearly distinguishing the callers area.

These, collectively with other objects and advantages which will become subsequently obvious, live in the info of creation and operation as more completely hereinafter described and claimed, reference being terrible to the accompanying drawings forming a element hereof, in which like numerals seek advice from like parts throughout, and wherein:.

Instead of making an investment in a extra costly right perspective drill, which nonetheless might not provide low sufficient clearance, a proper perspective adapter will effortlessly attach to any drill or driving force to help reach fasteners in low clearance.

3. The repeater chime of declare 1 wherein stated pair of contacts include a pair of cantilevered springs which are spaced form each other, and stated striker supported. Touch is installed on said striker among said pair of springs and stated solenoid coil.

Referring now to discern 6, it'll be stated that the repeater door chime is attached to a transformer as at 84) by means of appropriate conductors which are linked to terminals 82,eighty four, and 86 installed at the contact plate 36, which terminals are tailored to be utilized for easily connecting and disconnecting the conductors to the terminals. The conductor 88 is attached to the transformer and to the terminal 86 that is, in flip, related to the coil 34 and to the terminal eighty four. Conductor 9) is connected to at least one facet ninety two of a push-button switch ninety four inclusive of can be placed at the back door of a house, the other aspect of the push-button transfer, as at 96, being linked by using a conductor 98 to the terminal 84. A conductor one hundred interconnects conductor 90 with one aspect 102 of a push-button transfer 104 which can be placed at the front door of a residence, the other side 106 thereof being connected via conductor 108 to terminal eighty two, that is related by a conductor 110 to the contact spring forty six. Conductor 112 interconnects terminal 84 with the touch spring 44.