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Cleaver 9 How To Wire A Porcelain Light Socket Galleries

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Cleaver 9 How To Wire A Porcelain Light Socket Galleries - Before attaching, i did clean up the inner of the pendant. ?more than one rust spots were beginning to work their way via the tooth, those spots have been sanded then spray painted a gloss white. As you can see, there are no black and white wires on my cloth blanketed wire  to connect to my new light socket. ?reputedly my twine is european. In europe, and the rest of the world, brown is the new color (black), blue is impartial (white )   and the inexperienced/yellow is  the ground wire  (isn’t google amazing?). ?   as soon as that became discovered , it became only a be counted of stripping off the very ends with twine strippers to show the cord and twisting those collectively with wirenuts to the present wires from the pendant.

The very top piece…. The one that just screws onto the piece i simply attached…. Got a washer glued into the center of the hole. ?i don’t know if i’ll need it or not however the establishing become as a substitute huge and i desired my cord to be targeted. I ensured the neutral and hot wires went to the related terminals in the lamp holder. There’s a ground cable within the ceiling recess, i haven’t touched this as my wiring does no longer have a ground and that i’m not sure how to deal with this.

With a 1/2 flip this pinnacle galvanized metallic part screws onto the lower metallic component. ?there are  3 screws  (you’ll see in a second) that connect the lower metal component to the green tooth pendant. How to twine a mild bulb holder? I’ve were given a tenting swag kind pendant light fixture which i really like to tough cable in to the ceiling. I reduce the plug off of the light fixture wire and ” cable ” it immediately to the neutral and warm cables within the ceiling fixture recess.

I’m looking at this image and you may’t surely inform what he fixed me up with however it was truely easy. It’s the black socket  with a  black and white twine and two metallic clips on the side which permit it to lock into my metal piece.