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Simple 17 Electrical Wire Strain Relief Clamp Photos - Remark: if the sink is stainless-steel, then putty isn’t wished underneath the sink flange, in line with the waste king commands. A thin flat rubber gasket furnished with the disposal is used instead of putty. This makes the activity even quicker and easier, one more cause to replace the badger’s 3-bolt mounting hardware with the waste king ez mount gadget. (With a bit of luck the rubber gasket can be at the least as durable as new putty might be.).

> query 1: is there a manner to put in the drywall anchors for the electricity outlet box the use of handiest one hand? Attempt laying on your again together with your head under the sink. Drill a small pilot hollow within the drywall to insert the end of the self-drilling drywall anchor, jab the anchor in the pilot hollow so it won’t fall out, then power it the rest of way in with the cordless drill/driving force. End result: three one passed operations. A few grunts and ughs gets it completed.

To install the aluminum flex conduit over the nm-b 14/2 cable: * flip off the circuit breaker and confirm the power is shutoff. * Disconnect the wiring from the rubbish disposal. * Measure and reduce the needed length of flex conduit. * Deploy an flex anti-short bushing ultimately of the conduit wherein it will meet the nm-b cable popping out of the wall. * Insert the nm-b 14/2 white jacketed cable within the flex conduit. It’ll be less complicated if the cable is directly. Three/8 inch diameter conduit is a touch cushty where 1/2 inch conduit is has more room. Simply make sure to use the same size fittings and bushing (3/eight or half of inch). For the two or 3 ft of cable you likely have, i’d stick with 3/8 inch. * Cord the new outlet as proven within the project.

Notice that i wired the hole earlier than mounting it on the wall at the back of the sink cupboard. Doing it realize meant i should take a seat in consolation at the kitchen floor with the outlet lying in my lap in place of lying down and straining to attain the returned of the cupboard!.